What Is Trello and How Does It Work?

What Is Trello and How Does It Work?

Trello is a free productivity and task management app that was created by Fog Creek Software in 2011. The service was sold to Atlassian in 2017 and, as of October 2019, has over 50 million users across its Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web apps.

How Does Trello Work?

Unlike a traditional to-do list app, which displays tasks that can be checked off once completed, Trello incorporates the use of columns to track the progress of activities through their different phases. For example, the first column may collect tasks that need to be done, while the second might be for listing those tasks that have already been started. The third column would then be used for showing tasks that have been completed, and a potential fourth column could be for placing finished tasks that need revisions or a second opinion from a colleague or friend. Each individual task can be customized with its own name, description, due date, and colored label or category while other Trello users can be manually assigned to specific tasks.
In addition to tracking progress, a Trello board’s columns can also be used to leave notes for other users, highlight important announcements, and for providing links to online resources.

What Is Trello Used For?

Many organizations are using Trello to manage both large and minor group projects due to the app’s easy-to-understand visual interface that displays the different stages that tasks are at and who’s working on them. Trello can also be used by individuals for managing personal and professional schedules, organizing events, and for tracking progress. Trello is also a popular organizational tool for students.

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